Welcome to Reliable Rentals Niagara! reliable-rentals.ca                                              a division of Reliable Rentals
Welcome to Reliable Rentals Niagara!

Current Available Rentals

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St. Catharines
 315 Glendale Avenue 2 Bedroom $1,395.00
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St. Catharines
 567 Ontario Street 2 bedroom apartment $1,300.00
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St. Catharines
 25 Ottawa Street 1 bedroom apartment $900.00




Welcome to Reliable Rentals Niagara!

Since 1998 RELIABLE RENTALS has been providing quality housing in Alberta and Ontario. Reliable Rentals offers a perfect solution for those looking for convenience and comfort in their living spaces. With our
If We Wouldn’t Live In It, We Won’t Rent It
philosophy, you can be assured that not only will each unit have received the highest degree of maintenance and upkeep before you move in, but you can count on the RELIABLE RENTALS quick response to problems if they should occur afterwards. In fact our service has become our signature.
    You can rely on us:
  • Timely response to emergencies and other needs. We are there for you when you need us most.
  • A wide array of available units with various price ranges, locations, and sizes to suit any need.
  • A commitment to always improving, always doing better and being better.

If comfort, convenience, safety, affordability, and reliability are words you find synonymous with your idea of a perfect living arrangement then come have a look at what we have available. If you don't find what you're looking for here- give us a call. We are sure we can find something for you that suits your present needs.


To view a property or for all other inquiries please contact us:

Fred (905) 933-0810 - Downtown
Francis (905) 941-4323 - Students

Caitlin (905) 708-4323 - 315 Glendale

(905) 680-2632


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